7 Ways to Use Brain Octane Oil

7 Ways to Use Brain Octane Oil August 28, 2018

Ketosis diet is gaining a lot of popularity these days, and if you have also read all about it, you would know that the process of making ketones for energy might take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. In case you are looking for a shortcut that will make the entire process easy then you should know there is a way. You can use brain octane oil to make ketosis even before your body becomes adapted to the keto diet while ensuring that your brain gets a steady

stream of fuel.

If you are thinking of using a higher quantity of brain octane oil in your diet, then it is suggested that you learn about 7 ways to use brain octane oil mentioned right here.

  1. Make Your Salads Interesting

If you are aware of the reasons to stop buying salad dressings from the store and you are looking for a healthier replacement, you should go for brain octane oil. It will be a worthy addition to any salad because it would not change its taste as its completely flavorless. It can also be handy when you are hoping to neutralize the flavor of strong oils such as extra virgin olive oil.


  1. Create Your Compound Butter

You can also use brain octane oil to make compound butter. All you need to do is to soften a stick of grass-fed butter and add pink Himalayan salt, some brain octane oil and a variety of herbs to it. After the mixing is complete, you can roll it up in parchment and put it back in the refrigerator to ensure that it molds back into the shape you want. You can start with 1c grass-fed butter and ¾c brain octane oil and change the ratio if you want the compound butter to be softer. It will last for up to 3 months if refrigerated.


  1. Help with Intermittent Fasting

If you have just started on the path of intermittent fasting, a fasting process in which a person needs to eat the essential foods within an eight-hour window and then refrain from eating anything for the next 16-hours, you should consider brain octane oil to be your friend. As many people opt to skip breakfast according to this diet plan, you can drink a brain octane mix to reduce your hunger cravings if you are doing the same. To make the brain octane oil mix, add a teaspoon of brain octane oil and a squeeze of lemon to your water. It will help in controlling your hunger till lunchtime.

  1. Reduce the Glycemic Index of Carbs

Every food has a set glycemic index, the lower it is, the better it is for you because if it’s low, it means that it will affect your blood sugar less and if it’s high, it means, it will impact your blood sugar a lot. Healthy fats like those found in brain octane oil will keep the glycemic index low and give you steady energy. To include it in your diet, you can simply drizzle it on the sweet potatoes, rice or squash.

  1. Concoct a Sports Drink

You can also use brain octane oil as an addition to your preferred post-workout drink to make it worthier. It will increase your athletic performance and let you have better results about your fitness goals as you will be able to push yourself hard in the gym. Though you can find drinks that have brain octane oil as an ingredient, making a fresh drink is more valuable.

  1. Get Hooked on Bulletproof Coffee

If you are hooked on coffee just because you like the caffeine and you don’t want to kick this habit, then you can improvise. You can do that by having a bulletproof coffee that has simple ingredients like fresh water, brain octane oil, grass-fed butter and organic coffee. It will offer many health benefits and would make you feel full for longer. You can improvise its taste by using healthy additions like stevia, maca powder, cinnamon, cocoa powder, Himalayan sea salt, etc.

  1. Add it to Your Preferred Smoothies

You can also add brain octane oil to your preferred smoothies and smoothie bowls. It will ensure that your smoothie helps you feel full for a long while offering you the required levels of energy. As brain octane oil usually has a neutral flavor, you can be sure that it will not change the taste of your smoothie. You can also get ice cream like consistency by using less of liquid and more of this oil in your smoothies. It will surely enhance the experience of having a smoothie or smoothie bowls.

Which among these 7 ways to use brain octane smoothie are you planning to try? Let us know by sharing your views in the comments section.