Basic fundamental of simulated altitude training

Basic fundamental of simulated altitude training July 9, 2018
Basic fundamental of simulated altitude training

Through leading technology altitude chamber can simulate altitude. The altitude rooms (or altitude gyms, hypoxic chambers or altitude chambers) are the chambers that simulate an altitude for gym and exercise purpose. The hypoxic machine in the chamber will filter out oxygen from the air that is delivered to you by the face mask or within the altitude (or hypoxic) chamber. If you’re at high altitude, then pre-acclimatisation process prepare you to the conditions that you can encounter. Suppose you’re training for the sport, it can enhance your oxygen use and transport system and allow you to clean out any waste products from the physical exercise, like lactate, very efficiently.

Getting Started

The hypoxic training is one very important part of the rehabilitation. Hypoxia training allows you to unload your muscle groups when maintaining the high respiratory and cardiovascular load, and thus maintaining the fitness when injured.  Such unique training increases the formation of the human hormone that will help your body to recover. The research in this area of healing is interesting, and it is shown that the hypobaric chamber will increase the mineral density that will make your bones much stronger and faster recovery.

Benefits of Hypoxic Chambers

Training in altitude is just like giving your body a good tune up. You will feel better and get more energy, will run much faster and there’s less of wear and tear in your internal system. You will achieve more while doing less. Traditionally the altitude training was done by the elite and professional athletes who attended specialist camps overseas that has associated the time requirements and high costs making it impractical for the non-professional athletes. It is where Altitude Chamber or Hypoxic Chamber comes by making this benefit available at the affordable rate.

Basic fundamental of simulated altitude training

How It Works?

The hypoxic chamber is made to simulate an oxygen concentration that is identical to higher altitudes to an imposing height of over 5750m and resulting in an insufficient oxygen supply going to hypoxia (respiring tissues). In a “room air” or in sea level the oxygen concentration is 20.9 per cent but in hypoxic chamber we may reduce this amount to 10.1 per cent resulting in half of the available oxygen. This enables you to do intermittent hypoxic training at the lower oxygen level prior to returning to the normoxic environment. It provides larger adaptations when compared to training in sea level.

Significant improvements on sea level training like:

Higher recovery –The recovery rates after and between the sessions in highly improved

Less Fatigue – High resistance to the intensive riding will help you to train and race

High time efficiency-  When your body works harder in the hypoxic environment for same effort and speed or power 30 min session will stress your system into the same degree as 60 min session in the normoxia.