Health care



Saves time

Following the theory of the use of the 8 constitution medicine means that diagnosis and treatment is done early enough. Most of the time when the wrong medication is given because of the assumption that it is the ailment that is being treated and not an individual, a lot of time is wasted doing the wrong thing. If the treatment is given based on the individual, treatment is started immediately.

Saves money

When you are sick, so many aspects of your life suffer. You are not as productive as you should be and this is quite costly, even before we consider financial implications if you are put on medication that is not designed for your constitution.  The time and money wasted on medication that ends up causing more harm because it was not designed for the individual could have been saved.

Right dietary recommendations

Many people battle with many disorders because of eating foods that they are not meant to eat. Understanding each individual’s needs means that cases of allergic reactions to certain foods will be eliminated because individuals will understand which meals are designed for their constitution.

Better understanding of mental health

Some people struggle to understand why some people commit suicide over problems that to them, seem too small to cause such a reaction. Understanding the different personalities means it is easier for health practitioners to understand if the patient needs specialized attention. Many people get depressed for different reasons but it is easy for one to envy the problems of another because some of those problems seem trivial compared to the problems others are facing. This does not negate the fact that even if the problem seems trivial to someone else, it is a big problem to another.  Understanding the 8 constitution medicine and the individual personalities described means people will understand one another even better without being judgmental.

Pick right exercise regimen

Understanding one’s individuality means the person will be more accepting of the things that are better suited for his constitution. Some people struggle so much when it comes to deciding which exercise regimen is best for them. Usually trainers choose exercises based on what they think are best and not that which is best for every individual. Many people stop exercising because they cannot keep up with the demands exerted on them when it comes to particular exercises. If each person was given a task they enjoy, there would be more physically fit people because the exercise is individual based.

The use of the 8 constitution medicine has great benefits not just to individuals but society at large. Using individual constitutions when it comes to life is important for everyone if we are to create harmony not only to individuals but in relationships as well.