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Comparison between Testogen and Prime Male

Comparison between Testogen and Prime Male July 10, 2018

Testogen and Prime Male are both famous supplement product. However, both have various differences in effectiveness, safety and much more. Here is an in-depth comparison among Testogen vs prime male supplement.

Differences Use for both Testogen and Prime Male

Prime Male

Prime Male is also a testosterone booster just like Testogen that targets mainly at aged men over 50 years. It is more than just an energy boosting product since it gives more benefits such as enhancing lean muscle, libido and concentration. It also a common product that boosts testosterone level worldwide.


Testogen supplement mostly targets the fitness market and comprise a higher dose of zinc and d-aspartic acid compared to Prime Male. It is a remarkable supplement product that includes overall ingredients that are effective for testosterone boosting. Particularly, Magnesium, Zinc, DAA and Vitamin D.

General Prime Male Ingredients Comparison

There is only four effective ingredient in the natural testosterone booster. These include magnesium, D-aspartic and Vitamin D. It is because these components only have sufficient scientific proof back up. Thus, they are obviously known for increasing testosterone level.  Both Testogen vs Prime Male contain efficient doses of the entire four ingredients.

The reason Vitamin D and Magnesium are important it is because among the most typical causes of sub-par testosterone level is mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Particularly, Magnesium and Vitamin D are clinically proven to impact the synthesis and production of testosterone in the body.

Additionally, currently, these are two common ingredients deficiency in men. Magnesium can be acquired naturally from lead greens like spinach which is not consumed nearly by most people compared to ancient times.

Vitamin D is obtained from direct sunlight unlike in modern days with office surrounding, most men lack this ingredient since they don’t get exposed to this vitamin the way it’s required.

D-aspartic acid is more essential for muscle growth, therefore it is sensible that this product targets at bodybuilding market and it’s recommended to obtain more of it. D-Aspartic probably is the most efficient ingredient that can found in a test booster. A fact that Testogen contains a higher dosage, certainly it assists to balance the scarcity of magnesium.


Testogen manufactures update the ingredient formula at recent 2018 and since then it has become the best supplement booster for testosterone. Testogen is the perfect deal since it includes an overall ingredient formula that supports scientific studies.  Prime Male is also among the best and recommended general testosterone booster for aged individuals of over 50 years.