Concussion Brain treatment and Myofascial with Ultrasound

Concussion Brain treatment and Myofascial with Ultrasound January 24, 2020
syndrome disorder.

A concussion is brain damage caused by external impact while Myofascial pain is a condition triggered in a muscle that causes severe pain in unrelated areas in the body. Concussion physiotherapy north york is dedicated to offering treatment to individuals who suffer from these kinds of injuries or diseases.

Concussion and Myofascial Syndrome treatment 

Myofascial Syndrome and concussion medications include physical therapy, oral pain medication, local injections and physical therapy. If trigger points are active, the research shows that the affected parts also will have limited motion range and muscle spasms. An ultrasound therapy with Transcutaneous-Electrical-Nerve stimulation can be applied to minimize pain intensity, increase motion range and muscle spasm.

Physiotherapy combination study

According to physiotherapy combination study, the effects of concussion and myofascial treatment with ultrasound are typically used simultaneously to cure the triggered point pain and quickly improve motion range. Most concussion physiotherapy with ultrasound acquires enough preparation of orchestrations and tome. So, here the combination unit will become essential equipment for the clinic.

For example, the combination treatment for Myofascial and concussion provide the ability to treat three patients at the same time with the combination treatment. Additionally, to minimize the time required to provide ultrasound simultaneously, a compelling cx4 offer many benefits that must be considered medically.

Concussion physiotherapy north york

Advantages of CX4

  • Extensive range library with suggested electrode and treatment education placement
  • Best features that allow a store up to 99 tradition treatment programs.
  • Many waveform electrotherapies with six clinical waveform modality
  • Ergonomically planned five cm² sound head for an excellent ERA during medications.
  • With three years warranty, a medical specialist can use CX4 with no worries. With its storage capabilities and ergonomic design, it handles the consideration many clinics should consider.

 It is imperative to possess the highest quality available tool. Myofascial pain syndrome is simply one of the most patient problems that can be solved with TENS and ultrasound combination therapy when used simultaneously. The CX4 enables the medical specialist to offer the best care quality resulting in the success of higher satisfaction and rates.



To treat myofascial pain disorder successfully with physical therapy reduces a patient’s requirements and reliance on oral treatment and extreme treatments. Because of the ability that will not only reduce but also remove the triggered point associated with Myofascial therapy, the ultrasound combination medication is an essential treatment component. It is mainly to those patients who suffer from a concussion or myofascial syndrome disorder.