Dearborn Pharmacy – Dealing with Side Effects of Medications

Dearborn Pharmacy – Dealing with Side Effects of Medications February 5, 2020
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Pharmacists serve more than just helping you to get prescription medications. They are skilled and informed to provide you with crucial healthcare information when it comes to both prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines. One of the most common problems people face is the side effects of medicines. Pharmacists take the onus of informing their customers about the potential side-effects and precautions they should take with medications like avoiding certain food and beverages, how to manage medications when you travel, and more.

Dearborn Pharmacy – How should you deal with side-effects of medication?

Dearborn Pharmacy is a credible name in Oakland, USA. This Pharmacy is known for its friendly pharmacists who guide people with their medications and help them deal with the side effects of a medicine. Both doctors and pharmacists inform patients about the potential side-effects of medication. In fact, side-effects can occur with almost all medicines and prescription drugs; however, there are ways to deal with these side-effects safely.

Dearborn Pharmacy

Know the side effects of a medication

Note that every medicine has some kind of side effect. Many prescription drugs cause digestive issues like constipation, nausea, and diarrhea, so you might face problems with your stomach. Again, medications like muscle relaxants, anti-depressants, medications for diabetes, and blood pressure can cause some level of dizziness. Other medications might make you feel depressed, irritable, or drowsy. Some drugs cause weight gain, while others might reduce your desire to have sexual intercourse or cause disruptions in sleep.

Seek help immediately for any kind of adverse reaction

When you notice side-effects of medicine, immediately ask for help. Pharmacists recommend you asking your doctor about the potential side effects when the drug is prescribed to you. Note, both your doctor and pharmacist should work together so that they share the same information. With information, you are able to know the difference between serious side-effects and the ones that go away on their own. When you begin taking a drug, you should mention any unexpected reaction you face immediately. There are several conditions that you might be embarrassed to speak about. However, you should not be shy. Doctors should be aware of the side-effects you face. Sometimes, the body takes time to adjust to a new medicine, and the side-effects gradually disappear with the passage of time. Most doctors will ask you to stay on the medicine, or they might reduce the dose of medication prescribed. In case, the side-effects persist, doctors may change the medication or give you an anti-nausea drug to feel better.

In the opinion of Pharmacists at Dearborn Heights Pharmacy, side-effects of a medicine are common. Right from birth control medicines to cancer chemotherapy drugs, all medicines have side-effects. However, they can be safely managed by doctors, so you should never hide any adverse reaction from them. As mentioned above, your pharmacist and doctor should have the same information when it comes to the side-effects of medication. Be informed, and if you have any further concerns and doubts, always get them clarified at the earliest!