How to be safe while using liquid-based steroids?

How to be safe while using liquid-based steroids? September 6, 2018
How to be safe while using liquid-based steroids

Steroids are the common ways that are adopted by many muscles enthusiast to help build stronger muscles. There are two common ways to take the best legal steroids. It can be taken orally as well as through injection. If you choose to inject yourself, you should safely do. Needles aren’t the same as oral steroids. There are some procedures to take it safely.

The right needle

The right kind of needle is firstly required to make sure that you are safe. No one person or steroids require the same needles. There are two type needles:

  • Oil-based steroids will require a thicker needle because the oil steroids are thicker than water.
  • Water-based steroids will require a thinner needle than oil-based steroids.

Draw air

Next, you have to draw the air in the needle.

  • You have to pull the thumb plunger to that same level of the barrel that would hold hole the same amount of steroid that you would be injecting. This is important because if you pull it further then the air would be leaking in.
  • Hold the needle on the steroids and empty all the air; this would help draw the steroid easily into the needle.
  • Once done, push the thumb plunger to remove all the unnecessary air bubble at the brim of the needle. Shoot some of the steroids out to make sure that all the air bubbles are not present.

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Disinfect the skin

It is important that you disinfect the skin before injecting the best legal steroids. If this is not done and you inject the then you would develop an infection in the bloodstream and this could be detrimental to your health.

Always clean your body before using this injects yourself. It is always better to take a shower. And while you are on the way to injection yourself clean the injecting area with an alcohol solution.


The steroids are to be injected in the muscles and not the blood vessels. Hence you have to check if you haven’t hit a blood vessel. Plunge the syringe into the muscle and lightly pull the plunger. If you see any blood in the barrel then you should pull out because you have hit a blood vessel. If you inject in the blood vessel then the steroid would reach the lungs and this is not safe.

Remove the needle from that place and choose a different area to inject it. if you find no blood then you can push the whole steroid into the body.

Eject the needle safely

Once done to input the steroid, don’t pull it out in haste. This would squirt the steroids out of the muscle. Once you pushed the steroid hold the syringe still fro about seconds and then slowly pull it.


If you don’t inject yourself safely then you are sure to cause health issues in the future.