How to Take Care of Your Skin Following Laser Treatment

How to Take Care of Your Skin Following Laser Treatment November 9, 2022
Skin Following Laser Treatment

Is there anything a laser can’t accomplish, from reducing wrinkles to removing dark spots? Laser treatments are an efficient technique to rejuvenate your skin and enhance its appearance. You get the most out of your procedure and avoid problems, make sure to carefully follow any aftercare recommendations supplied by your surgeon. Here’s how to take the best possible care of your skin after a Pro yellow laser resurfacing treatment.

Cleanse the Area Gently

Keep your recently laser-treated skin clean. Depending on how intense your laser treatment was, you may need to be a little creative with your cleaning.During the first few days following laser therapy, your surgeon may advise you to wash your face with saline or a very dilute vinegar solution.If you normally use a cleanser containing acids or other harsh substances, you should wait until your doctor gives you the all-clear.

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Swelling should be reduced.

Swelling and redness are frequent following laser treatments, especially ablative treatments that impact the skin’s outer layers. Cold compresses and ice packs might help to reduce swelling and redness. They can also be soothing to itchy skin.

Maintain Skin Moisturization

Your surgeon will most likely advise you to apply a specific type of moisturiser following a laser treatment. Following an ablative therapy, it is usual for patients to apply petroleum jelly to their skin. Not only does petroleum jelly moisturise the skin, but it also develops a protective barrier along the healing skin, keeping bacteria at bay.

Avoid the Spicy Ingredients

If you normally use retinol or other powerful components in your skin care products, avoid using them in the days and weeks after your treatment. When your skin is healing following a professional treatment, any harsh or powerful chemical might be detrimental.Your surgeon will notify you when it is safe to resume your normal skincare routine.

Allow Time for Makeup

Skin typically looks worse after a laser treatment before it looks better. Following Pro yellow laser therapy, it is typical to experience redness, flakiness, and crusting. You might be tempted to use foundation or other forms of makeup to conceal the redness or to decrease the look of flakes and scabs. Makeup, like other skincare items, might aggravate your recovering skin. It is preferable to wait a few weeks until the skin has totally healed.