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Lung Cancer and its effect on the human being

Lung Cancer and its effect on the human being September 18, 2018

Lungs and its utilities

Lungs are the spongy type of the organs that are present in the human body. It remains in the pair and is present on both the sides around the chest. The organ is filled with air and it plays one of the most important roles in the respiratory system of the human beings. The human beings respire as it is very much necessary for them to be alive. They respire gaseous material those are present in the air. The air mainly constitutes of these three gaseous materials, which are the oxygen, carbon-di-oxide and the nitrogen. There are other inert gaseous materials also which the part of the composition of the air are. However, the human beings to live to require oxygen the most as each and every internal function, as well as the metabolism of the human body, is somehow connected with the oxygen and its requirement. The lung also plays a role in the purification of the air as when we inhale we inhale the total composition of the air along with the carbon dioxide and the nitrogen. Nitrogen is needed in a very trace amount as it is required in many metabolic processes of the body, but the carbon dioxide is totally prohibited in the human body which lungs help to drive out with the help of the expiration process.

Lung Cancer

The disease as we all know is still incurable in this 21st century. The disease is not at all a new disease it has a heavy history behind it. Although after thousands and millions of theories and methods for the cure the disease is still very much untreatable. And still the scientist and the researchers and spending their day and night in their labs to find something that would help them to get to the base of the disease and it is hopeful that we will able to defeat cancer.  One of the reasons for its incurability is that it is very much dynamic in nature. Like if it originates in omens type of cell or particular organs it can spread to other parts of the body affecting other cells and other organs too. Thus because of its dynamic movement, this disease has been very much tough to track and diagnose also. And lung cancer is a very much common form of cancer and the fatality rate is very much high of the people affected by this cancer. Apart from the genetic background this disease also has other external reasons also.

The reason behind the disease

We all know that cancer is a genetic disease and only when the gene causing cancer becomes activated it gets started. However in the case of the ling other habits and external factors are also very much valid. Excessive tobacco smoking and any other type of smoking along with environmental pollution increase the chances of the occurrence.

Treatment of the disease

The treatment is very much the same used for the other cancer types like the chemotherapy and the radiotherapy. Cost of lung cancer treatment in India is relatively high and if it is detected in the first stages then some positive result can be possible.

Taking care of own

These habits alike the using tobacco and other recreational things can be barred from the use with that we can at least close to the doors of this cancer.