The Role of Physiotherapy in the Management of Chronic Pain

The Role of Physiotherapy in the Management of Chronic Pain April 23, 2020

Did you know more than 1.03 million people in Australia are living with chronic pain? This rate is almost twice as high as the working age population! Are you suffering from chronic pain? Then you know how debilitating it can be! You’re always on the lookout for a solution, and it can be tiresome and exhausting. But, no need to worry and search for the solution anymore since the solution is found! Yes, with the help of physiotherapy in Perth, you can manage the chronic pain. Professional physiotherapy enables and empowers the individual to gain back control of their life. And also, it reduces the fear and avoidance associated with chronic pain.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain not only stop you interact with children, family and friends, but also impact your leisure activities, home life, work, and sleep. In short, it detrimentally effect on daily life. There are different types of chronic pain exist today that present with a response to irregular abnormal sensations, sensitivity to pain response of non-painful stimuli, a heightened sensitivity to pain, or/and more. To manage pain and have a relief, you can seek the help of physio in Perth.

How the Physiotherapists Will Help You Manage Chronic Pain?

Physiotherapists play an essential role in managing chronic pain. It is recommended to have physiotherapy as early as possible to minimise pain, stiffness, contractures and deformities.  Your physio in Perth will firstly get to know the type of chronic pain you are suffering from, understand the pain. To progress them on the road to recovery, they will know the patient’s particular condition and wellbeing, and custom design the treatment that suits your lifestyle. To bring pain relief to their patients, the physiotherapists attempt to utilize a combination of strategies. For them, the chronic pain is not just a subjective, but an objective experience. So, they put their hard work in it to treat, in order to improve quality of life by treating the symptoms associate with it.

Treating Chronic Pain

  1. Patient Education
  2. Exercise Therapy
  3. Manual Therapy
  4. Soft Tissue Treatments
  5. Pilates Or Postural Exercises
  6. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  7. Acupuncture
  8. Electrotherapy
  9. Finally, Heat & Cold Therapy Treatment


Managing chronic pain will be quite challenging for physiotherapy. To experience the greater benefits from treatment, and get a successful result, hiring a multidisciplinary approach incorporating several specialties is recommended. So, are you suffering from the chronic pain or have had a recent niggly pain which doesn’t go away? Or someone you love suffering with these? Consider contact and book an appointment with the chartered physiotherapist in Perth, and get the new year of the flying start with the effective physiotherapy.