The treatment will vary for the different types of diabetes

The treatment will vary for the different types of diabetes September 11, 2018
The treatment will vary for the different types of diabetes

The pancreas is still capable of producing insulin for people who live with Type 1 diabetes. The beta cells can be destructed over time due to the presence of the antibodies. The Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are misdiagnosed in most of the cases based on their characteristics, and thus, may result in wrong treatment. The patients with Type 1.5 diabetes are also misdiagnosed along with the other forms of diabetes which you can you do it yourself. The type 1.5 diabetes is considered to be the present form of autoimmune diabetes. It is recognized by the medical scientists that the Type 1.5 diabetes is not one form of diabetes. The generic type of treatment is not provided for every individual who is suffering from diabetes. There is severe loss of insulin secretion for the patients who are suffering from Type 1 diabetes.

Destruct the autoimmune diseases:

The multiple antibodies characterize the low C-peptide value during the insulin secretion. There will be a significant loss in the insulin secretion if you get positive results for the Type 1.5 diabetes with only one autoantibody. The diagnostic tool is accepted by the beta cells currently as an evidence to destruct the autoimmune diseases. The exogenous insulin is required for the people immediately after the diagnosis if they have the Type 1 diabetes.

you do it yourself

The insulin therapy may not be required for some types of diabetes after a certain period of diagnosis. There may be various reasons for why the Type 2 diabetes is misdiagnosed. Diabetes will mostly occur for the people only after the age of 30 years. You can find the destruction of beta cells over a period if you have diabetes.

Control the blood sugar levels:

You should be aware of the autoimmune status if you want to understand the type of diabetes. If you are experiencing any symptoms of diabetes, then you can immediately consult a doctor. The diabetic patients should reduce the carbohydrates intake and overall calorie intake in their body. It is not easy to control the blood sugar levels in your body as you do it yourself. The blood glucose cannot be monitored if you experience high blood glucose after your meal. The metabolic syndrome of blood pressure is useful to diagnose the Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The patients should be physically active when they follow a low-fat and plant-based diet. It is better to go for the C-peptide test if you are not able to control the blood sugar after six months. The antibodies can also be tested with the C-peptide test if you have made some time and effort.