The very famous Vegan milk tea Singapore

The very famous Vegan milk tea Singapore May 12, 2022

Soy milk & oat milk alternatives are available from this homegrown brand.

Mong Cha Cha, the vegan bubble tea shop, will launch in Jan 2020.

Bubble tea featuring organic plant milk, including organic oat milk & organic soy milk, will be served.

Variety of options

Green tea, black tea, Earl Grey tea, and golden blossom tea are all available on the full menu.

The local brand will use compostable PLA cups, lids, straws,and organic plant-based milk alternatives.

Milky bubble tea is indeed not vegan because it contains dairy milk. On the other hand, Fruit teas can make bubble tea, making it vegan-friendly.

The very famous Vegan milk tea Singapore

Brown Sugar Soy Protein, Chocolate Joy Freeze, & Wintermelon Milk Tea are among their tastes. They have the same flavoras your favorite drink but added health advantages. You won’t be worried about neglecting your diet because the beverages are created with soybean milk, which is plant-based and a rich source of protein. They’re created from Grade A, non-GMO, IP Canadian soy soybeans from a single variety. As a result, everything is vegan-friendly and contains no animal or animal products.

Aside from encouraging hearty options, every drink comes with an environmentally friendly straw made from bamboo, sugar beets, and coffee. The packaged foods are also biodegradable and environmentally beneficial; vegan milk tea Singapore.

Is it vegan?

Tea with bubblesis also known as Boba. There are a plethora of ways of describing this incredibly adaptable cocktail. This flexible thirst quencher has long been a favorite of Asian Americans, but it’s also gaining popularity among non-Asians. But what exactly is it? Bubble tea is a concoction of tea, milk, & tapioca pearls. Customers can combine various tea varieties (typically green, black, or red) with creamer and toppings. Bubble tea sounds delectable, but is it vegan? Well, that is debatable.

Not that every bubble tea is truly vegan due to the drink’s versatility. If you avoid eating animal products, skip that tapioca pearl (boba pearls).

However, there are a variety of vegan bubble tea toppings available. Lychee jelly, rainbow gum, and other jelly varieties are generally considered safe. Sugar, glucose, and other non-animal-based components make these jellies. Keep in mind that while this jelly is commonly flavored with sugar syrup, certain stores may use honey instead, so inquire ahead of time.

Milk is another important component in bubble tea (sweetened condensed milk). Is this to say that a vegan boba tea isn’t possible? That’s not the case. You may use various options to customize your drink and make it completely vegan. You can substitute almond milk or soy or even skip the milk entirely.