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Understanding Lipoma: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Understanding Lipoma: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention March 8, 2022

When you notice a lump of fatty tissue just under your skin, then it can possibly be a lipoma. They feel rubbery but not hard, but mostly not painful. They also don’t cause any serious health problems that is why usually, they don’t need treatment. But sometimes, they are at places where it bothers you. If that’s your case, then you can have it removed by your doctor.

 Advanced Colorectal and General Surgery is easily among the top choices for locals seeking for lipoma removal in Singapore. And before you decide to have it removed, here’s everything to know about lipoma.

What Is A Lipoma

Lipomas are considered benign soft tissue tumors. This means that they are not cancerous. They are usually round or oval-shaped lump that grows beneath the skin. It is primarily made of fat and it moves easily when touched. They can be anywhere in your body, but usually on your back, body, shoulders, neck, and arms.

Lipomas are very common and it affects about 1 in every 1000 individuals. It is most common in those aged 40 to 60, but of course, it can occur at any age. Some can even be present at birth. Lipomas affect both sexes but they are most prevalent in women.

Causes of Lipoma

Doctors are not sure what causes lipoma. Many believe that they are inherited which means that there is a great chance for you to develop some if it runs in the family. There are also conditions that will trigger the development of lipoma, which includes Dercum’s disease, Gardner Syndrome, Madelung’s disease, and hereditary Multiple Lipomatosis.

Symptoms of Lipoma

Though lipomas are not painful, they can be uncomfortable especially when they press against a nerve or when they develop near a joint, like your fingers. The symptoms of lipoma are not easily noticed. But these lumps are usually painless with round or oval shape, they are movable and can be smaller than two inches in diameter.

Treatment for Lipomas

As mentioned, lipomas don’t really need treatment. However, when it starts to bother you, then you can have it surgically removed. The process is safe and effective and is usually a same-day surgery where you can go home after. Aside from surgery, liposuction is also advised to remove the lump.

Lipoma – Is it Possible To Prevent Them?

Lipomas are passed down from generation to generation. This means it’s impossible to stop them from happening. But what you can do is to prevent yourself from having Madelung’s disease which triggers lipoma by reducing your alcohol use.