Viniyoga: For embracing your inner self and learning Yoga

Viniyoga: For embracing your inner self and learning Yoga March 25, 2022
learning Yoga

Are you looking for online yoga classes in Singapore that are certified and renowned Singapore? Then viniyoga Singapore is the perfect choice for you; let us tell you why?

About Viniyoga Singapore

Viniyoga Singapore is an affiliated yoga school in Singapore that follows the teachings of Professor T Krishnamacharya and ‘Sir’ TKV Desikachar (renowned scholar and yogi) and further developed by Dr. Kaustubha Desikachar (son of Mr. Desikachar), who has devoted his life to teaching and studying yoga. Viniyoga is a classic yoga tradition of asana, pranayamas, chantings, mantras, and meditation that meets the need of every human being and culture. This tradition is followed in Viniyoga Singapore, where you will learn a classic study of yoga that soothes your soul, heal your mind, and keep you away from diseases.

What do they offer?

Yoga Online & on-site classes

They have comprehensive online and on-site Yoga and meditation classes based on the teachings of Viniyoga to people interested in this type of exercise to improve their health and keep their bodies healthy.



They offer therapy sessions for people looking to achieve therapeutic goals to relieve their health problems.

Professional Courses

They also offer professional teaching courses, where individuals looking for a career in yoga and meditation can join the class and learn the classic teaching of Viniyoga.

Why Viniyoga Singapore?

Yoga helps you improve your focus on personal development and keep your mind & body healthy.

And Viniyoga will help you achieve these quickly and precisely with the years of established teachings of viniyoga.

The points that viniyoga teachings focus is:

Spiritual development

Their teachings will lead you to embark on the journey of spirituality and help you embrace your inner self.

Learn to implement the teachings in life

Yoga teaches us many things & one of them is discipline & focus. With the teachings of Viniyoga Singapore, you can learn these qualities and implement them in your life. They are lifelong teachings that will help you learn- how to be calm in difficult situations and get out of them by finding solutions with a clear and focused mind.

Therapeutic goals

It is proven and well-established that yoga helps in treating some diseases. With Viniyoga Singapore’s therapeutic approach, you can achieve your therapeutic goals.


Viniyoga Singapore helps you embrace & heal your inner self through classic yoga traditions of Viniyoga well-established yoga tool that allows an individual to meet life & health goals. So, go and learn the best practices of yoga from Viniyoga Singapore.