What are the methods to remove your unwanted hair from the body?

What are the methods to remove your unwanted hair from the body? March 4, 2022
What are the methods to remove your unwanted hair from the body?

The IPL hair removal is the best thing that you can use to clear your unwanted hair. You will be amazed at how technology can remove the hair in your body and how easy it is to use for your beauty treatment. But when you are Unsure of the various treatments for hair removal? Contact Only Aesthetics today to find out more. IPL hair removal has different benefits that you can gain and many people are using this treatment to totally remove the hair in their body. You also have to know the different methods to remove the hair in your body.


The use of shaving can remove the visible hair for three days with the use of a bladed tool which is the razor. The hair will grow back faster after you shave and you have to do the same process all over again. You need to have patience and time because you will repeat the process over again.


To remove your unwanted hair you can pluck your hair using tweezers to clear the hair strands from the follicle. As the result, you will be hairless for a maximum of two weeks. But it will depend on how fast your hair is growing in your body. Plucking is the common hair removal method that you most know but not everyone will like it. It is because the pulling of hair can be painful and it will be time-consuming.

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Depilatory cream

The use of cream can melt the hair from the root by decreasing the keratin structure. When you start using this process it will last for two weeks before the hair will grow back. For those people that are looking for a fast, temporary and painless method they can use the cream. You have to consider that you are using chemicals which is strong and it can cause allergic reactions in your skin. You have to be careful especially when you have skin allergies.


Waxing can be done correctly it will clear the hair from the roots and the hair will grow back after three weeks. You can do it by yourself or you can go to the waxing salon to do the method correctly. After the hair grows back it needs an inch to secure that the hair can be good for waxing. Waxing can be painful for most people but some can handle the pain.

IPL hair removal

Using the IPL can remove most of your in your body. It uses concentrated light pulses to penetrate and destroy the hair follicles. This type of hair removal is effective and it lessens the hair growth and it slows down the hair to grow back. It can be an expensive method but it is worth it.