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What to Expect in A Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

What to Expect in A Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program October 21, 2018
What to Expect in A Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

Going to a drug or alcohol rehab for the first time is a scary experience. It can also be confusing but it is something that you have to go through. It is important that you know what to expect in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program so you will not go in blindly. It helps to know what will happen to give you a sense of security. Here’s what to expect:

Evaluation of an addiction counselor
Before you start with any treatment, you will need to go to an addiction counselor or mental health professional. They will make an assessment by taking into account reports of abuse, medical records and many more. After the assessment, the counselor or mental health professional will create a personalised treatment plan based on your needs.

You are free to leave anytime
There is this misconception that patients in a rehab program are forced to stay. You must know that patients in a drug and alcohol rehab program are not forced to stay. This means that you are free to leave anytime that you choose. The reason behind this is that rehab can be truly effective when you have the desire to be there and you want to change your addictive habits.

There are instances that individuals are forced to go because of a court order. The rehab process can still be effective even if at first they were hesitant to go. If you choose to leave, you will face the consequences soon enough.

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Expect a detox
Before you enter a rehab facility, you need to undergo a detox treatment. Detox treatment refers to the process when you get rid of the addictive substance in your body. This means that when you enter the facility, you will be clean and sober. This will vary in length. As part of the process, there will doctors and nurses that will help manage withdrawal.

Facilities of drug and alcohol rehab centers vary
You should expect that rehab centers range from basic facilities to luxury treatment centers. The type of the center will depend on your budget and the level of insurance coverage. With many choices, you should first investigate a facility before you make a final decision.

Counseling and group therapy
While inside, you will receive individual counseling with the help of a trained addiction counselor. You should also expect daily group therapy meetings, which you should participate. The sessions are meant to teach you the skills that you will need to live a life without drugs and alcohol.

The best thing about this is you will be taught how to recognise situations in which you are most likely to use drugs or drink and how to best avoid such circumstances. On top of that, you will learn how to cope.

You will have family meetings
A successful drug and alcohol treatment program will include your family members. Research has revealed that including family and friends in the process can improve the rehab results. In the family meetings, your family will learn things about addiction to help you heal.

Typically, the program will last 28 days but it can be longer depending on the case. After the treatment, you should expect a strong aftercare program. At this time, your counselor will suggest the next steps based on your recovery journey.