When is the Bunion operated?

When is the Bunion operated? October 17, 2021
When is the Bunion operated

Bunion is primarily a cosmetic problem for many patients – especially in open shoes. Nevertheless, the aesthetics are not a sufficient indication for an operation. A prerequisite for an operation is the painful deformity. This cannot be treated by changing shoes, treating insoles or doing foot gymnastics. Insoles provide relief in painful bunion, but they do not improve the deformity in the long term.

When planning the minimally invasive bunion surgery singapore and performing this plastic-surgical procedure on the big toe, one still attach great importance to an appealing cosmetic result. In this way one can completely restore the quality of life of the patients, i.e. resilience and pain-free walking.

Concomitant diseases of bunion:

  • Exostosis on the ball of the toe
  • Arthrosis of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe Hallux rigidus
  • Bursitis inflammation of the bursa on the ball of the toe
  • Bursitis on the neighboring little toes
  • Transfer metatarsalgia painful overload of the little toes
  • Claw toes
  • Hammer toe

minimally invasive bunion surgery singapore

bunion always combines different disease processes. In addition to the misalignment of the big toe, there are skin changes and bursitis, for example. The crooked big toe displaces the neighboring little toes, which results in a painful overload. Operation planning must be based on the patient’s individual situation by means of a detailed diagnosis.

In the following one can provide a clear overview of the standard bunion operations. Before doing this, one would like to emphasize that the decision to operate depends on the specific individual case, but also on the lifestyle of each patient.

Goals of bunion surgery:

  • Cosmetic goals of bunion surgery:
  • Normalization of the malalignment of hammer and claw toes
  • Removal of the swollen ball of the toe (exostosis removal)
  • Operation scars as small as possible in the non-visible area of ​​the foot

The aim of the surgical treatment of bunion (ball of the foot) in the early stages is to maintain the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe, which is threatened by osteoarthritis, in addition to the straightening of the big toe. The bunion operation corrects the deformity permanently. Function – the natural gait – can only be restored if the feet are brought into their normal shape. When walking in a healthy manner, the foot rolls over the big toe. This rolling process is disturbed in bunion. The little toes take over this rolling process. As a result, they are overloaded and also deform over time.