Whitening Stripes: Benefits & Possible Risk Factors

Whitening Stripes: Benefits & Possible Risk Factors March 2, 2023

Generally, everyone has their unique point of view about beauty. Still, the one thing they have in common is that a sparkling smile with a set of pearly whites is the most important thing that should be considered if you want to fall into the category of beautiful people. As a dentist offering teeth whitening in Vancouver explains, since our routine diets usually contain a lot of colorful consumption like red wine, coffee, tea and so on, we are at risk of dental discoloration that makes our teeth look dark and yellow. As a result, we gradually lose confidence because we feel ashamed of showing off our stained teeth when we smile. Although modern and advanced cosmetic dentistry provides a wide range of practical and affordable whitening methods to remove dental discoloration, we will focus on whitening stripes’ main benefits and drawbacks.

How Do Whitening Stripes Work to Remove Dental Stains?

According to countless satisfied patients, whitening strips have successful effects on discolored teeth. The whitening materials will penetrate the discolored surfaces of your teeth if you attempt to press the gel side of the stripes accurately on your teeth. But the essential point that should be taken into account is that, in more serious conditions, they cannot make desirable changes because they don’t contain a high amount of whitening materials. Generally, it is essential to use this exceptional whitening option for some minutes every day and repeat the process for at least three weeks to achieve the desired shade.

How Do Whitening Stripes Work to Remove Dental Stains?

Precious Pros

-Those who are looking for the most affordable whitening option to get rid of their dental discoloration shouldn’t go further than whitening strips. This is because they are available in markets and drug stores worldwide at affordable rates.

-The effectiveness of whitening strips is another golden factor that convinces many people to choose this option among all available whitening agents. Of course, they are not as powerful as professional whitening procedures offered by experienced dentists, but it is proven they can provide amazing outcomes for those who suffer from mild dental discoloration.

-As usual, people commonly prefer more convenient whitening options to bring brightness back to their severely stained teeth. Whitening strips are very easy-to-use because there’s no need to follow strict instructions. The only thing you should highly notice when you are using them is that they properly sit on the discolored surfaces of your teeth and cover all stained areas.

Possible Cons

-Whitening stripes aren’t the most appropriate option for those who suffer from crooked teeth. This is because they cannot properly cover the whole discolored area. In addition, if you have big or small teeth, you may not achieve desired results after using whitening stripes because this whitening option needs to match the size of your teeth properly.

-Increased dental sensitivity is one of the most common side effect you may experience after using whitening strips. In most cases, the condition will heal independently after a few days. Still, you should keep in mind to have immediate dental visits if your problem accompanies by unbearable pain and irritation.