Why you should do a maid health screening?

Why you should do a maid health screening? March 8, 2022
maid health screening

According to the Singaporean government, anyone that resides in your house that has the job of taking care of your daily needs, or doing your course and they belong to the maid category, or whether they belong to the migrant worker category, should be taken care of well. The Singaporean government has made it mandatory for migrant workers and maids working in the house of normal Singaporeans, to do a routine 6-month medical health check-up. This is also known as maid health screening.

What is this routine health checkup?

For migrant domestic workers or MDW, if you have an MDW working in your house, you are requested to send them for a routine checkup. This request is upon the law made by the Singaporean government. The government has made it mandatory for people that have MDWs in their house to send them for routine checkups every 6 months. These routine check-ups are mandatory and they provide clear data on the history of illness of your maid. TheseĀ maid health screening tests that are done with the help of various equipment and medical procedures, identify the various kinds of infectious disease or other diseases, and they even include pregnancy tests.

maid medical check up

The tests that are done by the doctors are known as 6ME. These tests are required to be done every 6 months by experts and doctors that are certified from Singapore. You should also note that it won’t be applicable by the law that you made some doctor that is not certified by the Singaporean medical institutions, to do that regular health screening. You are also required to pay any expenses that are said to occur within the 6ME, and any other charges that arise due to this should be included in the 6ME.

The frequency of these tests depends upon the type of disease that they have. If you are going for a pregnancy test you should do it every 6 months. Even tests such as VDRL are done within 6 months to make sure that nothing goes wrong. If you feel that your maid is getting sick very often, or you are generally worried about infectious diseases, you should make sure that you do the HIV tests for your maid, during the maid health screening every 2 years. These tests are done on the basis of the history of your maid, and the type of problems that they have.