Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction  May 19, 2021

Wisdom teeth are different in size. They cause some problems for people. Therefore, knowing the points about wisdom teeth is very important and necessary. Wisdom teeth are not always visible, and in some people, they are hidden, which is called impacted wisdom teeth. The eruption of wisdom teeth is always accompanied by pain. These pains are mild and annoying to people.

Because when they erupt, they do not align properly with the front teeth and can cause problems for people when chewing. Therefore, wisdom tooth extraction in the emergency dental clinic is a natural and essential procedure. Also, note that wisdom teeth extraction is a little harder than other teeth. Sometimes wisdom teeth need to be removed before orthodontics.

Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is highly recommended due to some reasons, including:

– Gum infection

Because there is no suitable space for wisdom teeth to grow, it will cause inflammation of the gums. The cause of infection is the space that is created between the teeth and gums, and that space is suitable for the growth of bacteria.

– Crooked teeth

Again, due to the lack of space for the wisdom tooth, the other teeth will be crooked and look deformed and disordered.

– Damage to other teeth

Repeatedly, due to lack of space and pressure of other teeth on each other, tooth cavities are formed.

– Tumor or cyst

Excessive pressure of the wisdom teeth can cause small cysts on the jawbone that you should see an orthodontist.

Tips before Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical process. Wisdom tooth roots will be stronger at older ages, so the removal of wisdom teeth will be more painful and difficult for elders. Moreover, the healing process will be more longer. The best age to extract wisdom teeth is 20 years old and younger.

Besides, delaying wisdom tooth extraction will cause the decay of the adjacent teeth. In addition to the cost incurred, their pain will also increase. Be aware that during wisdom tooth surgery in the elderly, the jawbones can break. Wisdom teeth grow at the age of 20; it will be the best time to extract them.

Care After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

To stop bleeding, the patient can hold a damp gauze on the surgical site for about 30 minutes. Spitting should be avoided. S/he should not exercise for 48 hours after wisdom tooth extraction. It is better to rest at home during this time. Bleeding and swollen face after extraction is completely normal. They will be disappeared after a few days. The patient can place an ice pack on his or her cheek to prevent swelling.

Eating hot food after wisdom tooth surgery should be avoided. The best food is cold soup. The patient should not use the straw for drinking liquids because it causes more bleeding. Drinking cold milk, ice cream, and juice in the first few hours after surgery can help to reduce bleeding. After 24 hours, the patient can eat food normally. The dentist will prescribe painkillers and antibiotics to control pain and prevent infection. After surgery, the patient can rinse his or her mouth with a solution of salt and lukewarm water.